Griffin Armament Taper Mount Thread Adapters

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The Taper Mount Direct Thread Adaptor provides a direct thread interface for taper mounted suppressors. Two sets of wrench flats make it equally simple to attach or remove from the suppressor or your firearm's muzzle threads. No proprietary tools required. Available in 1/2x28 and 5/8x24 with 18x1mm Tikka/Sako support coming soon. While it is convenient to have direct thread suppressor capability that can move from host to host without the need for additional muzzle devices, it is important to remember that each host firearm must be checked for baffle alignment via visual inspection before firing.  The 1/2x28 Insert can be used with cartridges up to 30 caliber and the 5/8x24 can be used up to .338 caliber.  The use of direct thread adaptors improves on direct thread mounted suppressors, by allowing the end user to have modular thread pitches.